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Bearcats Youth Football – Fees, Fundraisers, Volunteering

Fees and Fundraising Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is required for the first day of practice?
In order to be eligible to practice, players must register on-line and make payment in full.  First year players must also submit a birth certificate.  Physician Health Forms are due by 8/15.

Q.  How much is the registration fee?
The registration fee for 2023 is $250 for tackle football, $50 for flag football, and $215 for cheer.  Families registering more than two children (any combination between football and cheer) are capped at $550.00  As in the past, these fees include the majority of equipment and uniforms each player requires to participate.  

Q.  How are registration fees used?
Registration fees are based primarily on direct costs for players to participate in both football/cheer. As might be expected, the bulk of these costs are derived from uniforms/equipment. 

Q. Do you have a refund policy?
Yes. If a child decides not to play, registration fees may be refunded up until the last week of August. Refunds are not issued until uniforms/equipment are returned.

Q. Do the Bearcats help families experiencing financial hardships?
Yes. The Bearcats strive to make participation in youth football and cheer affordable and accessible for all children in the communities we serve. Assistance for families experiencing financial hardship is available.  Inquiries can be made through any board member and are held strictly confidential.  Eligible families are asked to participate in Bearcats Fundraisers and provide additional volunteer hours if able. 

Q.  Are there fundraising obligations?
The Bearcats run a number of fundraisers throughout the year which benefit the organization in the form of reduced registrations, new equipment and capital improvements, while some may be mandatory others are optional but participation is encouraged.

Q.  Are there volunteer obligations?
The Bearcats organization relies 100% on volunteer efforts to make each season successful.  A “home” Bearcats game requires 40+ volunteers to run smoothly.  To that end, we require that parents contribute roughly 6 volunteer hours for each Family. Every bit helps, and is much appreciated by the  board and your athlete!

Q.  What kind of volunteer assignments are available?
Volunteer opportunities include but are not limited to board positions, coaching, Team Parent, coordinating positions, food booth, field set-up/clean-up, announcing, 50/50 raffles sales, support for fundraisers and Bearcat events. 
Q.  Are there volunteer jobs that do not take place on game day?
A number of more flexible volunteer options exist including registration, sponsorship, equipment manager, fundraising coordinator, food booth coordinator, field supervisor and  apparel sales to name a few.  Contact the Volunteer Coordinator for additional info.